TA010 and TA011 antibodies label mouse glucagon-secreting alpha cells by immunohistochemistry


  • Audrey Ruetsche
  • Simon leyss
  • Karolina Liborova
  • Marie Maître
  • Livia Manghetti
  • Lucie Mencier
  • Lana Moudarres
  • Gaelle Najand
  • Laura Roch
  • Stéphane Durual
  • Tania Jauslin
  • Cyril Guilhen
  • Margaux Herren
  • Catalina Gureu
  • Valerie Schwitzguebel
  • Wissem Seddiki
  • Paola Soulie
  • Kenza Bennani
  • Elise Brun
  • Hannah Butterworth
  • Jennifer Carry
  • Soyan Dawit
  • Meg-Mai-Ly Diep
  • Odyssée Ferrillo
  • Maxime Guertler
  • Priscilla Soulie




The recombinant antibodies TA010 and TA011 detect by immunohistochemistry the glucagon-secreting alpha cells in mouse pancreatic islets.


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Baskin DG. A historical perspective on the identification of cell types in pancreatic islets of Langerhans by staining and histochemical techniques. J Histochem Cytochem. 2015; 63(8): 543-558. PMID: 26216133

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Orci L, Unger RH. Functional subdivision of islets of Langerhans and possible role of D cells. Lancet. 1975;2(7947):1243-1244. PMID: 53729



2023-04-05 — Updated on 2023-04-25


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Ruetsche A, leyss S, Liborova K, Maître M, Manghetti L, Mencier L, Moudarres L, Najand G, Roch L, Durual S, Jauslin T, Guilhen C, Herren M, Gureu C, Schwitzguebel V, Seddiki W, Soulie P, Bennani K, Brun E, Butterworth H, Carry J, Dawit S, Diep M-M-L, Ferrillo O, Guertler M, Soulie P. TA010 and TA011 antibodies label mouse glucagon-secreting alpha cells by immunohistochemistry. Antib. Rep. [Internet]. 2023 Apr. 25 [cited 2023 Jun. 1];6(1):e1153. Available from: https://oap.unige.ch/journals/abrep/article/view/1153




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