Introduction : Divided Memories, Shared Memories, Poland, Russia, Ukraine: History mirrored in Literature and Cinema

  • Korine Amacher Université de Genève
  • Eric Aunoble Université de Genève


In 2017, general-interest magazines illustrated the centenary of the Russian Revolution with stills from Eisenstein’s October [Октябрь] (1927). One strikingly showed soldiers rushing across a square to represent the storming of the Winter Palace by Bolshevik fighters on 7 November 1917. In reality, the actual assault was slow and even laborious. But for Western audiences, this film sequence has become an archive image, a piece of history. This type of substitution of artistic representation for historical reality conflicts with the positive construction of our knowledge of the past. Indeed, historians long refused to include literature and films in their historical research, as well as art in general, which has been mainly analysed from an aesthetic point of view.

Biographies des auteurs

Korine Amacher, Université de Genève

Korine Amacher est professeure d'histoire russe et soviétique et directrice du Master Russie – Europe médiane à l'Université de Genève (Faculté des lettres et Global Studies Institute).

Eric Aunoble, Université de Genève

Eric Aunoble est chargé de cours à l’Université de Genève (Faculté des lettres), où il enseigne l’histoire de l'Ukraine.



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