Interview of Marko Lehti and Heiko Pääbo


  • Katerina Kesa Centre de recherches Europes-Eurasie INALCO, Université Sorbonne Paris Cité (FR)
  • Nicolas Escach Sciences po Rennes (FR)



How has research on the Baltic space evolved over the last thirty years? Can you perceive a different evolution depending on the universities/research groups/ countries (in particular when comparing American, French, Nordic or Baltic research poles/centres)? Which issues have been left out of the research on Baltic space until today? Generally speaking, research on the Baltic space has sometimes had difficulties to arouse vocations. How do you explain that? Are the perceptions of specialists coming from countries boarding the Baltic Sea on the Baltic space totally different from that of other experts?



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12.02.2021 — Mis à jour le 12.02.2021


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Kesa, Katerina, et Nicolas Escach. 2021. « Interview of Marko Lehti and Heiko Pääbo ». Connexe : Les Espaces Postcommunistes En question(s) 6 (février):209-23.