AF641, AI954 and AW954 antibodies label the endoplasmic reticulum by immunofluorescence


  • Margaux Herren
  • Simon Leyss
  • Karolina Liborova
  • Marie Maître
  • Livia Manghetti
  • Lucie Mencier
  • Lana Moudarres
  • Gaelle Najand
  • Laura Roch
  • Audrey Ruetsche
  • Valerie Schwitzguebel
  • Wissem Seddiki
  • Paola Soulie
  • Nneka Anagbogu
  • Kenza Bennani
  • Elise Brun
  • Hannah Butterworth
  • Jennifer Carry
  • Soyan Dawit
  • Meg-Mai-Ly Diep
  • Odyssee Ferrillo
  • Maxime Guertler
  • Catalina Gureu
  • François Prodon
  • Stéphane Durual
  • Tania Jauslin
  • Cyril Guilhen



The AF641, AI954 and AW954 recombinant antibodies detect different markers of the endoplasmic reticulum by immunofluorescence in HEK293 cells.


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Herren M, Leyss S, Liborova K, Maître M, Manghetti L, Mencier L, Moudarres L, Najand G, Roch L, Ruetsche A, Schwitzguebel V, Seddiki W, Soulie P, Anagbogu N, Bennani K, Brun E, Butterworth H, Carry J, Dawit S, Diep M-M-L, Ferrillo O, Guertler M, Gureu C, Prodon F, Durual S, Jauslin T, Guilhen C. AF641, AI954 and AW954 antibodies label the endoplasmic reticulum by immunofluorescence. Antib. Rep. [Internet]. 2023 Mar. 22 [cited 2023 Jun. 1];6(1):e1134. Available from:




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