About the journal

The journal is trying to introduce new practices in terms of open peer review, in terms of documents submitted together with the article and in terms of dissemination across languages.

L'Education Ouverte et Libre - Open Education (e-ISSN 2673-9127) is an international, peer-reviewed open access online journal on education with an open perspective. See → Aims & Scope

Type of article and para-article documents

EOL-OE innovates and "breaks current rules of scientific journals" at several levels. The notion of "para-article documents" refers to documents that accompany an article in reference to the para prefix meaning beside.

Articles of different types - theoretical, reflexive, empirical, methodological, philosophical, and any other emerging type - are accepted. In addition, in order to respect the oral tradition of certain countries and to avoid rejecting languages that cannot be written down with the tools at our disposal, oral contributions are also welcomed.

At the end of the Review process, each article will be accompanied with the following para-documents:

  1. A self-assessment declaration by the author
  2. A 1000-word summary in one of the 6 UN languages
  3. A self-assessment declaration by each reviewer
  4. The review report
  5. Open dataset and research instruments (if appropriate)

For further information on the submission process See Author guidelines

Open Peer review Process

The review process will be as open, transparent and participatory as possible, as recommended by UNESCO (2021). This process consist of:

  1. A self-evaluation report by the reviewer including i) his/her reasons for having chosen to review the article; ii) his/her perspective (his/her values in relation to education and research at the time of the review of the article); iii) his/her expertise in relation to the topic of the article; 
  2. The publication of all or part of the review report and the identity of its author;
  3. The possibility for the community to react to this review.

A discussion between reviewers and an author will take place on the EOL-OE website and can be decided to be published as an additional para-article document.

Furthermore, an author may recommend reviewers for his or her article. A system of crowdreviewing will gradually be established - in other words, the creation of a community of competent and responsible reviewers who will be able to provide a variety of constructive opinions on an output.

Compliance with regulations such as the GDPR is achieved by asking for a written guarantee of responsibility and intellectual honesty

Translation Process

In order to facilitate the circulation of knowledge, upon acceptance of the article and when the article is ready to be published, the author is required to produce a 1000-word summary in one of the 6 UN languages. The journal will translate this long summary into the other 5 languages.


Each article, in its original language, is assigned a DOI and a license chosen by the author.

Open Access Statement

Education Ouverte et Libre - Open Education is an open access journal. All content is immediately and freely available to the public.

Submitting and publishing in Education Ouverte et Libre - Open Education is entirely free of charge; there is no charge for either submission or publication (APC), nor for the evaluation, proofreading or reading of articles. Downloading papers is also free of charge.

Persistent Identifiers & Norms

Following publication, all articles are assigned a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) number.
In order to ensure permanent identification, the journal encourages authors to indicate their ORCID identifier and to systematically attach it to their contributions.
Bibliographic references are compliant with one format chosen by the author and will be consistently used throughout the article and follow the I4OC - Initiative for Open Citations' principles.

Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights are with the author(s).

With regard to copyright / copyleft, the author chooses the open licence that suits him or her best. This licence will indicate how the article can be used.

Please note that reproduction and transmission of journal content should in any circumstances credit the author and original source.


This journal ensures the long-term availability of its contents. Articles published in Education Ouverte et Libre - Open Education are automatically deposited in the institutional repository of the University of Geneva, l'Archive ouverte, and from there, in the SAFE PLN Network, thus ensuring a very high level of preservation.


Education Ouverte et Libre - Open Education is published by the Library of the University of Geneva on behalf of the FPSE / TECFA & ERDIE of the University of Geneva using a customised version of the OJS by The Public Knowledge Project (PKP).


This journal is launched with the support of Agence de la Francophonie, Intenscification de la Francophonie scientifique (IntenSciF) seed money.