Open Education and Open Science in contexts of crises

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Daniel Burgos
Affouneh Saïda


Open Education and Open Science are powerful tools for Education. They can provide content, access, means and collaboration to anyone interested in learning, worldwide. Further, in contexts of crises, they increase their impact and outreach. There are many types of crises, from natural ones, such as earthquakes or hurricanes, to man-made produced, such as wars, occupations, migrations or financial recessions. In these cases, an open approach to use, re-use, share and produce, guarantees education and science, even in the hardest conditions. In this paper, the authors present an overall approach to openness and crises, and how to implement them based on competence frameworks. As a specific resource, the paper introduces the Open Education & Science Crisis (OES-Crisis), which is based on five components in the form of skill-sets: 1) literacy skills, 2) digital literacy skills, 3) safety and security skills, 4) hope and resilience skills, and 5) life skills.

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Burgos, D., & Saïda, A. (2022). Open Education and Open Science in contexts of crises. Education Ouverte Et Libre - Open Education, (1).
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